1 Jan 2005


Geroge Orwell remains the finest writer of the nature of modern tyranny. Though seen as a left-wing writer in his time, he was essentially a libertarian socialist from the non-conformist British tradition, who became increasing appalled by the confusion between that movement and Marxism.

Orwell's thoughts in his essay "Politics and The English Language" and the seminal books "1984" and "Animal Farm" remain the greatest, most profoundly disturbing and prophetic writings on the nature of the totalitarian beast ever published.

Whilst Orwell started as a committed leftist, he was increasingly disenchanted, especially after the Spanish Civil War with the left wing as it developed prior and during the Second World War.

In a strange irony, Orwell has now become a canononical figure of the right with his clear thinking, fearless honesty and ruthless expose of what would be later known as the "post-modern mind". With Burke, Jefferson and Adam Smith, his works are crucial to fighting the assault on democracy and enlightement values that is being mounted worldwide by actors as varied as deconstructionists, Baath'ists, neo-leftists and jihadis.

In an age when the Western mind has lost it's moral nexus, Orwell's clarity of thought and ruthless disssection of totalitarian dishonesty is missed as never before. This Blog can only attempt to follow it's mentor and take on the lizardoid thinkers who now dominate the media.

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