7 Jan 2005


The tsunami disaster became an excuse for many to indulge in the world's favourite form of neo-racism: America bashing. It's fun being an American these days, we get to know what it's been like to be a Jew or a Black for centuries.

Surely one is exaggerating? Well if any other nationality was talked and written about with the lies, contempt, hatred, distortions and derision as Americans are these days, one would know what to call it, and it's not a pretty name.

Despite the announced death toll started as low as a few thousand, and it took days for the full tragedy to become apparent, America was still blamed for only offering $35 million initially - while others offered nothing.

The problem with those stupid Americans is they can't read the future. They should have known the whole final size of the tragedy and announced the complete aid package on day one.

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