31 Jan 2005


Wonderful to see the huge enthusiasm of Iraqis overseas dancing and singing as they cast their ballots, and for the determination of millions of Iraqis in the country to vote in truly frightening circumstances. Against all the odds, the election has been a miracle.

As for the Sunnis? This 20% of Iraqis ran the country as Saddam's henchmen for 30 years, and mercilessly too. They can't be bothered to vote? They want to boycott? Go ahead. Their time is over and they will learn to co-operate with the majority quickly.

John Simpson, that pompous old-media BBC windbag said today the "success of the election depends on if the Sunnis vote." Really?

How typical of the mainstream media - unless the minority of thugs that has lorded it over the pro-Coalition Kurds and Shiites takes part, then they ( the big media) will consider the election a "failure". Pathetic.

This is the same position as, for example, in the South African elections of 1992 saying if pro-apartheid Afrikaaners did not turn out in full, the election would have been a failure! No wonder big media is a dying industry.

Yes, it's imperfect as far as democracy goes, and the progress will be slow and painful, but what a change.

There is nothing you can say to most Europeans that will change their hatred and envy of Americans and George Bush/Tony Blair. And nothing that will get them on the side of the majority of brave Iraqis.

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