17 Jan 2005


A Reading From The Book of Bosh

And it came to pass that the fighting ceased between the Philistines and the Isreal-ites. And the new leader of the Philistines, who was called , Mah-Amoud-Aba-As, saith: "Let us extend friendship to the land of Israel."

Those of the tribe of the Hamas-ites were wroth. And they said "Let us slay the Israel-ites anyway, for Mah-Amoud-Aba-As is a weak and foolish man." So they smote six Israel-ites, yea even as Mah-Amoud-Aba-As was speaking.

Now the leader of the Israel-ites was Sha-Aron and when he heard how the Hamas-ites had slain his fellows, did rage and urge his followers thus:

"Yea, revenge ye upon the Hamas-ites and the Philistines, for verily Mah-Amoud-Aba-As is either weak or else he lieth with the forked tongue of the snake of Sinai. Strike them and slay them and spare not the rod nor the arrow."

And so it came to pass that the Philistines and the Israel-ites returned to smiting, and mightily they smote, and on the seventh day.........(continued page 965, Volume IX, Sub Chapter 54)

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