30 Aug 2011

The Hyenas Reach New Lows

Just when we thought the pack of hyenas that make up the greedy,Kenya political class could get no worse, comes this story here from the Nation, showing that having been  finally forced to pay taxes on their bloated salaries, the predatory parliamentarians have  now raided the public famine kitty to compensate themselves. Sickening.

Obama Appoints New Ec onomic Chief

 Bloomberg News, firmly in delusion mode, writes:

With unemployment stuck above 9 percent, the U.S. needs all the job-creation expertise it can get. For that reason, President Barack Obama’s choice of Alan Krueger, an eminent labor economist, to head the Council of Economic Advisers is an inspired one.Krueger, a Princeton University professor, has built his academic career on the study of labor markets, wage structures and long-term unemployment. He also has strong policy-making credentials. During the first two years of the Obama administration, he served as chief economist at the Treasury Department, where he helped devise the first stimulus package, the cash-for-clunkers effort and the Build America Bond program.

Krueger has shown that he understands the need for a strong government role as an anti-recessionary force, especially after a contraction brought on by a severe financial crisis.

If this nominee was behind the cash-for-clunkers fiasco  and part of the  the giant Pelosi-Reid stimulus debacle, than I can hardly see how he can inspire anything but foreboding.  Nice to know that after 3 years, Obama finally get's that it's all about jobs and not handing out green-energy salvation projects  to Democratic donors.  It is however amusing to see Obama embracing deregulation, broadly, and tax cuts (in effect), overturning Davis-Bacon and a number of other scared cows the left is going to scream over. At the heart of the matter it's just Obama and co playing the same old game....i.e.  big government has the answer and can create jobs and distribute wealth fairly and better than the individual. What's new? With the track record this good professor has, I will sit on the fence.