20 Apr 2005

Polly, The Progressive Parrot

Britain's progresso MSM is agog with a new and completely brilliant argument against Pope Benedict XVI. It was first mooted by notorious prog Polly Toynbee in The Guardian: that somehow Pope John Paul II was responsible, like Hitler, Lenin and Pol Pol were, for the deaths of millions of people. He preached against condoms, and Africans are dying of AIDS.

Now all the MSM are spinning the same arguments around the new Pope Benedict.

Hang on a minute. Some of us actually live in Africa. The first thing that occurs is, has there been any study done that shows Catholic Africans suffer AIDS at a higher rate than other Christian Africans? One is aware of countless HIV studies in Africa that show higher incidence amongst uncircumcised males, truck drivers, bar girls, tribes that have permissive sex codes and the like - so it's just speculation about Catholics. It's pretty certain that HIV rates among Christians in Africa are not related to the religious sect they follow, or we would know about.

Let's take the argument a bit further. Here are all these millions of Africans blindly and obediently following the Pope's preaching against condoms. Yet, he also preached for absintence, monogamy, sexual fidelity, virginity and restraint. So everyone in Africa listened about the condoms only, but took no notice whatsoever of his other teachings?

The reasons for non-condom use in Africa are complex, culturally varied and beyond the common ideas of sex held by modern Europeans. The Pope is probably the least influential reason for non-condom use.There are many churches in Africa that do not have anything against birth control and even encourage it. Their birthrates are the same as the Catholic one. In fact, those who live in Africa know that if the Pope preached African Catholics should wear condoms 24/7 and only have sex wearing two, in case one tore, Catholic African birth rates, especially amonst the poor, would not decline at all.

The reasons for high birth rates are not to do with lack of contraception but because it makes more sense to the poor to have many children, let alone that African society admires and cherishes lots of children. Progs and the left simply can't get their minds around this fact. The answer to high birth rates is high prosperity, not the state of Durex sales. The same might be said of HIV statistics.

So what the MSM is really saying is: the past and present Popes should have preached that Africans have promiscous sex, but wearing condoms. Then Africans would have listened overwhelmingly, HIV rates would be exceptionally low and the Popes would not be like Hitler or Pol Pot. How clever.

17 Apr 2005


The "progessives" and the international left will always have to answer for why they never lifted a finger to help Saddam's victims. It takes a Palestinian killed by Israel in self-defence to bring a demonstration out on Western streets, but killing thousands upon thousands of Iraqis, as see this new CNN story, leaves the left utterly cold.

Here is a member of Iraq's Missing Persons commission: "Iraq is a land of mass graves due to the genocide policy of Saddam Hussein," Amin said. "We have hundreds of thousands of people missing."

16 Apr 2005


Good news just in from the EU according to CNN. The dangerous Franco-German push to sell arms to China has been vetoed by EU nations concerned about China's human rights and Taiwan record, and not a moment too soon. The French have been pushing their bizarre vision of a "tri-polar" world of antagonistic powers, namely Europe, America and China, as part of their whacko campaign to "contain" the USA. Not only are there surreal echos of Orwell's nightmare powerblocks in his "1984", but the idea European nations should suck up to China when they have zero strategic interests in the Pacific, and when the USA is the premier Pacific power protecting Taiwan, the Phillipines, Australia, South Korea and Japan, could only come from Outer Moonbatia, or Gallic fantasies. According to German FM Joschka Fischer, the idea is stalled.

We won't even get into the so-called contradictions of the "vision" of Chirac : that arming a dictatorship whose idea of social progress is barely above that of a termitarium, so that it can better oppose the world's leading democractic power, is somehow good for the world.

12 Apr 2005

M & Ms?

The Western media seem baffled by South African President Mbeki's supine acceptance of Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe tyranny . Once more the endlessly disapointing Mbeki has waved the wand of democratic acceptance over Uncle Bob's vile "election". They are wondering: does the fraternal Mbeki fear more turbulence in Zimbabwe if Mugabe falls? Is that in South Africa's interests?........... blah- blah, spin- spin.

Contrast this to Mandela, who once famously commented on Uncle Bob to the effect that some African presidents had so outlived their stay that the people could take up arms and shoot them out of power.

The reason Mbeki does not pull the plug on Uncle Bob is that Zimbabwe's "land re-distribution" is of course something Mbeki and the ANC want to keep up the sleeve, as a means to cling to power , if they have to. Mugabe has usefully shown how you can tough it out and hang on as long as you play the right brand of fascist demagogery.

Who wants to throw away his aces in a game of political cards? The use of race, or tribe, skin tone, hair type or even height ( see Rwanda and Burundi) as ways to stay in power are the foundational cornerstones of post-colonial African politics, as they were in colonial times. Is the ANC exempt from this just because they walk, talk and sound like comical clones of the most PC type of post-modern Westerner? How dare we even think this!

1 Apr 2005


As John Paul slips into unconciousness of this life, and consciouness of the next, he is lucky to be spared the gormless Mainstream Media hacks and journos grilling endless Catholics about the Pope's "failure" to "modernize" the faith and accept everything from euthanasia to gay bishops. They forget how he fought capital punishment, the abuse of women, the exploitation of the poor or weak and for rights of freedom of conscience and thought. Let alone his Christian example.

In fact what they call his "failures" are to most his successes.