7 May 2012

Clinton's Crocodile Tears

 An article in  The Daily Nation claims Hilary Clinton was deeply hurt to hear the US accused of being anti-Islamic  in her recent tour of Bangla Desh.

Clinton has reason to be "deeply hurt" but it is not Islam under attack in the USA , it's Christianity. Christians are reviled and mocked by progressives. Atheists hold parades next to churches cursing and blaspheming - but never next to mosques. 

The Democrats depict  Christians as backward, anti-abortion child molesters. Democrat controlled  states pass  laws restricting the rights of worship - none  or little of this is geared at Muslims. For Muslims, the elites that rule America bend over backward, putting on Islamic clothing, celebrating "Idd", accusing people of "Islamophobia", banning the use of the word "jihadi", praising the Koran, ignoring Islamic abuse of women  and so on.