16 Jan 2005


The Best Gas Station Ever

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I took this in Madagascar and it has to be the best filling station I have ever seen. I tried to buy it to mount it in my house, but the owner understandably would not sell. The bull horns, the alo-alo statue ( seen holding up the horns), the Cadillac wire wheels and John Deere radiator, plus a pair of 100 year old pumps......amazing. Oh, and it comes with a chair to sit in as you watch the traffic go by. Madagascar is like this, full of wonderful whimsy.

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UnderTheRedSky said...

This is a great picture, and I could visualize the owner possibly considering selling this on eBay for a tidy sum (even though he was not willing to sell it when asked by Orwells_Ghost). This piece of work fits the caption that "one picutre tells the story of a thousand words." Cheers and kudos for the creativity expressed is this uniquie piece of work (was he selling regular or super-unleaded? and at what price per liter?)