1 Aug 2006

Proportional Nonsense

Few calls by UN officials, European appeasers and various anti-Israeli elements are as empty of substance as the repeated carping for the IDF to show a "proportional reponse" in Lebanese hostilities towards the terrorist organization Hizbollah. We will not go into the fact that Hizbollah violates the Geneva Conventions in it's very structure, designed as it is to attack from and hide amongst civilians.

Hizbollah's main backer's, Syria and Iran have between them a population of 82 million. There are only some 5.25 million Jews in Israel liable for military service. As of today the casualty figures in the Southern Lebabnon war are 51 Israelis and some 450 Lebanese. This includes civilians on both sides. The ratio of Israelis killed is thus about 1:9 vs Lebanese, wheras the population ratio of the two countries that created and support Hizbollah, Iran and Syria, and who both wish Israel to be "wiped off the map", is some 15.75 to one Israeli.

Working on polls the MSM always tell us are "reliable", we also know that some 80% of the over 150 million Arabs in the Middle East do not accept the existance of Israel and wish to see it eliminated. Presumably these also back Hizbollah. In this case the ratio of populations soars, by simple math, to almost 30:1. If the casualty figures were 1530 Lebanese to 51 Israelis, then we would be approaching a truer proportional response by Israel to it's enemies. Rather, the figures to date show the amazing restraint and skill of the IDF ,with far more casualties "proportionally".

Looking at the number of sworn ememies of Israel that surround it in Arab countries and Iran we get some 230 million people who wish to eliminate 5.25 million Jews. If the IDF was inflicting "proportional casualties" based on this ratio, today's dead and wounded would have to reach 2117 dead Lebanese/Hizbollah to every 51 Israelis killed.

The dim and biased mainstream media have never recognised the call for "proportional response" for what it is, an idea that would suit Israel's enemies very well. A strictly "proportional response" in this case would rapidly see Israel depopulated and overrun in any conflict with Arab states.