31 Jan 2005


Wonderful to see the huge enthusiasm of Iraqis overseas dancing and singing as they cast their ballots, and for the determination of millions of Iraqis in the country to vote in truly frightening circumstances. Against all the odds, the election has been a miracle.

As for the Sunnis? This 20% of Iraqis ran the country as Saddam's henchmen for 30 years, and mercilessly too. They can't be bothered to vote? They want to boycott? Go ahead. Their time is over and they will learn to co-operate with the majority quickly.

John Simpson, that pompous old-media BBC windbag said today the "success of the election depends on if the Sunnis vote." Really?

How typical of the mainstream media - unless the minority of thugs that has lorded it over the pro-Coalition Kurds and Shiites takes part, then they ( the big media) will consider the election a "failure". Pathetic.

This is the same position as, for example, in the South African elections of 1992 saying if pro-apartheid Afrikaaners did not turn out in full, the election would have been a failure! No wonder big media is a dying industry.

Yes, it's imperfect as far as democracy goes, and the progress will be slow and painful, but what a change.

There is nothing you can say to most Europeans that will change their hatred and envy of Americans and George Bush/Tony Blair. And nothing that will get them on the side of the majority of brave Iraqis.

17 Jan 2005


A Reading From The Book of Bosh

And it came to pass that the fighting ceased between the Philistines and the Isreal-ites. And the new leader of the Philistines, who was called , Mah-Amoud-Aba-As, saith: "Let us extend friendship to the land of Israel."

Those of the tribe of the Hamas-ites were wroth. And they said "Let us slay the Israel-ites anyway, for Mah-Amoud-Aba-As is a weak and foolish man." So they smote six Israel-ites, yea even as Mah-Amoud-Aba-As was speaking.

Now the leader of the Israel-ites was Sha-Aron and when he heard how the Hamas-ites had slain his fellows, did rage and urge his followers thus:

"Yea, revenge ye upon the Hamas-ites and the Philistines, for verily Mah-Amoud-Aba-As is either weak or else he lieth with the forked tongue of the snake of Sinai. Strike them and slay them and spare not the rod nor the arrow."

And so it came to pass that the Philistines and the Israel-ites returned to smiting, and mightily they smote, and on the seventh day.........(continued page 965, Volume IX, Sub Chapter 54)

16 Jan 2005


The Best Gas Station Ever

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I took this in Madagascar and it has to be the best filling station I have ever seen. I tried to buy it to mount it in my house, but the owner understandably would not sell. The bull horns, the alo-alo statue ( seen holding up the horns), the Cadillac wire wheels and John Deere radiator, plus a pair of 100 year old pumps......amazing. Oh, and it comes with a chair to sit in as you watch the traffic go by. Madagascar is like this, full of wonderful whimsy.


More evidence emerging, from an official meeting to discuss the new British "religious hatred" law, of the Orwellian intentions behind it.

"I asked Iqbal Sacranie, general secretary of the MCB (Muslim Council of Britain) ,whether he thought that any public statements about Islamic terrorism, or any speculation about the number of Muslims in Britain who might support Islamic terrorism, would constitute incitement to religious hatred?

He said: 'There is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist. This is deeply offensive. Saying Muslims are terrorists would be covered by this provision'.

So now we know what the MCB wants to prosecute under this proposed new law."
This is truly terrifying, fundamentally changing every cornerstone of British free speech. That the New Labour clones will pass it overwhelmingly is a forgone conclusion.

The UN under it's "Islamophobia" probe and CAIR (Council on American Muslim Relations) are also agitating for similar laws.

More on this from the excellent Melanie Phillips's Diary

FANCY THAT.............

It seems to have slipped the MSM’s notice. Ever since the cleansing of Fallujah by the Marines , we have seen few of the commonplace obscenities our TV screens: masked Islamic fascists torturing and murdering hostages with impunity.

Fallujah has been pacified – to the chagrin of the left, but the elimination of it’s terrorists had to wait for months due to an international outcry the first time, in April 2004, when the Marines were sent in.

Kofi Annan was heard before the assault saying he thought it "unwise".

He was in charge of U.N. peacekeeping operations at the time of Rwanda and Bosnia, so at least he is being consistently useless.

10 Jan 2005


Well, the MSM is up to even more spin over the US and the tsunami, as see the Beeb "Why did US base escape tsunami?" it asks of Diego Garcia.

"Is America a power for good or ill in the world? Was there a malign hand at work, or has America's role in the crisis in fact been a model of humanitarian leadership.

Let us know what you think. Is this just anti-US sentiment on the web or something more worrying?" Far more worrying indeed is a tax-payer funded news service offering such rubbish to it's audience.

Whats next? " Did GWB start the tsunami by harnessing cosmic rays from Mars? Send us your views."

7 Jan 2005


The tsunami disaster became an excuse for many to indulge in the world's favourite form of neo-racism: America bashing. It's fun being an American these days, we get to know what it's been like to be a Jew or a Black for centuries.

Surely one is exaggerating? Well if any other nationality was talked and written about with the lies, contempt, hatred, distortions and derision as Americans are these days, one would know what to call it, and it's not a pretty name.

Despite the announced death toll started as low as a few thousand, and it took days for the full tragedy to become apparent, America was still blamed for only offering $35 million initially - while others offered nothing.

The problem with those stupid Americans is they can't read the future. They should have known the whole final size of the tragedy and announced the complete aid package on day one.

2 Jan 2005


I saw a desperate piece of footage from Aceh. A news helicopter had landed. Survivors were milling about. One of them was screaming at the camera, "Where is the help? We are dying? Where is America?": and this in a fundamentalist Muslim stronghold. He got his answer in about 24 hours when the USS Lincoln's choppers arrived.

Notice he wasn't yelling, "Where is the UN bureaucrat? Where is the WFP guy in his big SUV? Where's the WHO co-ordinating envoy?."

He might be an illiterate peasant, but he's not that out of touch. Unlike the MSM who are busy looking for angles to attack America's handling of the crisis.

1 Jan 2005


Geroge Orwell remains the finest writer of the nature of modern tyranny. Though seen as a left-wing writer in his time, he was essentially a libertarian socialist from the non-conformist British tradition, who became increasing appalled by the confusion between that movement and Marxism.

Orwell's thoughts in his essay "Politics and The English Language" and the seminal books "1984" and "Animal Farm" remain the greatest, most profoundly disturbing and prophetic writings on the nature of the totalitarian beast ever published.

Whilst Orwell started as a committed leftist, he was increasingly disenchanted, especially after the Spanish Civil War with the left wing as it developed prior and during the Second World War.

In a strange irony, Orwell has now become a canononical figure of the right with his clear thinking, fearless honesty and ruthless expose of what would be later known as the "post-modern mind". With Burke, Jefferson and Adam Smith, his works are crucial to fighting the assault on democracy and enlightement values that is being mounted worldwide by actors as varied as deconstructionists, Baath'ists, neo-leftists and jihadis.

In an age when the Western mind has lost it's moral nexus, Orwell's clarity of thought and ruthless disssection of totalitarian dishonesty is missed as never before. This Blog can only attempt to follow it's mentor and take on the lizardoid thinkers who now dominate the media.