19 Dec 2005

Bush Derangement Syndrome Expands

After the worldwide emphasis on Bush “ignoring” black people in Hurricane Katrina, it’s surprising that two of the USA’s most liberal and influential papers, who led the MSM stampede to vilify Bush as a racist, have now published contrary stories. Check The NY and LA Times revisionism here.

In fact it seems, after exhaustive research, that white people died in more numbers, proportionally, in New Orleans, than blacks.  
“Of the 380 bodies formally identified in New Orleans thus far,” the Los Angeles paper said, “a disproportionate number were white -- as measured against the city's population.”

If the maligning of GWB was not more evidence of Bush Derangement Syndrome, we could now say we have conclusive proof that Bush hates white people. Somehow we can’t see the worldwide media running very far with this startling fact.

17 Dec 2005

Naked Arabs

*Sometimes I have to slap myself to keep my blog from becoming stodge. The perils of lonely pajama vigils, one supposes.

It seems Islam was a lot more fun about 100 years ago, these gals, from vintage arab postcards are seriously fly. No wonder those boys in Australia are rioting, if this is what you are banned from dating in the guise of  “protecting my sister “ from infidels.

I am not sure however about the purdah pic.   I can’t really get turned on with thru-the-bars-fondling, It causes more than razor-rash  when you go for a little lunge…….. but it obviously heightened the senses  in ways that are lost on us poor kaffirs. (Thanks to  Beautiful Atrocities)

15 Dec 2005

Racial or Religious Riots?

Confirmation, if any were needed, that the Australian “race riots” are actually  more “Muslim riots” than anything else. The Australian carries an excellent analysis of the failure of multiculturalism with the following very illuminating data:

“Studies by Monash University [show]…. the most revealing test of immigrant integration, the marriage rate….. by the end of the '90s less than 10 per cent of second-generation marriages of people of European descent were to someone from their parents' country. Much the same was true of immigrants from south and east Asia. Only 6 per cent of Indians married within their ethnic group, as did only 18 per cent of Chinese. In short, most immigrants, whatever their race, married Australians of other nationalities.

However, for the Lebanese, of whom most of marriageable age were Muslims, these figures were reversed. No less than 74 per cent of Lebanese brides and 61 per cent of Lebanese grooms married within their own ethnic group. Moreover, these figures had increased since the early '90s, when they were about six percentage points lower.”

Is it racist to point out the extraordinary difficulty most Muslims seem to have have worldwide, in marrying and accommodating tolerantly to people of other faiths?

MSM Watch, Part 394

Just as predicted, the world media mis-information of the Australian riots as a “race” problem  is shown up just 48 hours later ,with the news that Muslim gangs have attacked, and in once case burned down, four Christian churches  in Sydney.  

“A community hall linked to a Uniting Church was burned to the ground early yesterday, carol-singers were spat on and church buildings peppered with gunfire.” Read it all.

Elsewhere, Agence France Press shows the hopeless bias of world media, who no longer bother to hide their naked distortions. Here is what they report, December 14th:

WASHINGTON (AFP) - One day before Iraq’s historic parliamentary elections, US President George W. Bush defiantly defended his case for war and said he would preemptively attack another country if he deemed it necessary.

Here is what Bush actually said:
“In an age of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, if we wait for threats to fully materialize, we will have waited too long.”

UPDATE at 12/14/05 5:32:29 pm:

The story linked above has been edited by AFP to remove the outrageously biased headline, but the original is still posted here :

13 Dec 2005

Hardy Perennial

Lana Hampton asks a question that perennially puzzles and troubles me. Why do black Americans vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party, the party of slavery and Southern racism and not  Lincolns’ Republican party, which brought freedom?  It appears illogical and one hopes it is not the same cultural syndrome we suffer politically in Africa. That is, government does little for us, even abuses us, but we long for it to get bigger  and  “do more”.  Democrats in the USA are certainly the party for that.

"Race" Riots In Australia

The problem is not merely as the MSM spin it, one of "racism" by white Australians. The fact is Islam contains a strong superiority complex that is very akin to classic racism, in the ideas of "umma", "dar el harb", "dhimmi", “kafirand so on. These could be characterized as a kind of "socio-spiritual racism".

Indeed, given Islam’s' patriarchal bias,  ideas of male-female relations,  religious inclination to umma ‘apartheid’, and ready invocation of  retaliatory violence, the behavior of the Australian Lebanese  gangs and groups in continuously harassing and insulting non-Muslim women is par.  It is this behavior that seems to have mostly   sparked the Australian riots.  

The mix of religious and social ideas contained in mainstream Islam is simply incompatible with Western belief systems. Couple this with the exclusionary, closed world of male Islam with its innate superiority complex (the “dhimmi/kafir” idea) and you have all the elements of social combustion.

The liberal elite have a hard time understanding this, but the plainer people of Cronulla are actually going straight to the point, albeit in disgusting ways one cannot approve of.  Also what is not explained by the multi-cultural template is that there are Pacific Islanders, Orientals and others involved in the  crowds in Cronulla, and they are not being attacked by the “whites”. Indeed , according to live blogs,some seem to support the actions against Muslim males.

However these things are spun by the MSM and multi-cultis, the plain facts are that Muslim society is the one that is  mainly exclusionary, that rejects modernism, let alone post-modernism and has supremacist ideas  far deeper than the rioting white yob's tattoos on Cronulla beach.

11 Dec 2005


Now that the greatest producer of hot air on the planet, the  Montreal climate change conference, has concluded, some wise words from the top science editor of  the BBC Online, hardly a right wing source of media:

David Whitehouse writes in  BBC Focus :
“... for every glacier in the Alps or Greenland that shows signs of shrinking, there are others elsewhere in the world that show signs of growing… the mantra of 'global warming happening due to humanity's flagrant release of greenhouse gases' is now an established political correctness. Many  [scientists]…… realise there are significant areas of doubt but if they voice that doubt they run the risk of losing research funds. When scientists are afraid to express doubts we are all in trouble, human-made global warming or not.”

Of course here in Kenya, our MSM media repeatedly parrot the meta-story progapagated  by the environmental left of impeding disaster, all caused by Bush.  It is almost impossible to find dissent to this highly incredible “news”.

10 Dec 2005

Light Headed

There is deep silence in most liberal media when nut-case  President of Iran Ahamedinejad  is shown on the BBC World  TV on 7th December, informing clerics  that during his recent and highly nasty UN speech, he was surrounded by  an Islamic “halo of light” .

"(An Iranian) said when you began with the words 'in the name of God,' I saw that you became surrounded by a light until the end [of the speech]," Ahmadinejad appears to say in the video. "I felt it myself, too. I felt that all of a sudden the atmosphere changed there, and for 27-28 minutes all the leaders did not blink."

"They were astonished as if a hand held them there and made them sit. It had opened their eyes and ears for the message of the Islamic Republic." The fact the  UN delegates were probably too gobsmacked to blink,  by this  Holocaust denier who calls Israel a “tumour” to be  “wiped off the map” and is seeking Nukes to do it.

Whilst the appeasement media lined up dozens of spinners and commentators over the false and absurd “God’s command to Bush to  invade Iraq” hearsay, the BBC clip has sunk like a complete stone  (even on the BBC website) and has been  ignored.

7 Dec 2005


This is Smudge, born    98% African Wild Cat , in Maasailand,  Southern Kenya. Her parents  belonged to a wonderful old  Maasai katmeister called “Ole Simba” which, appropriately enough,  means “Mr. Lion.”  Her scientific race is Felis Lybrica Sylvestris: there are a few dozen sub-species of these cats in Africa. Closely related to Kenya’s  Sokoke Cat breed. Smudge probably has a few domestic genes from the spread  of feral cats into Maasai territory.

I have owned  cats all my life. This is the most amazing cat I have ever  known. She is exceptionally clever, with an almost simian intelligence.  Her only modes are “asleep” and “alert”. Felis Lybrica eat large amounts of insects in the wild. She hunts every sort in my garden, from extraordinary distances like 25 yards away.  Her eyesight is amazing. She also kills lizards, snakes, rats and  loves corn. Smudge climbs trees at night and hauls birds  out of their nests, and can catch flying ones by leaping like a Caracal. During the rainly season, she catches winged termites.

Exceptionally social ( was brought up surrounded by Maasai tribesmen) and loving, she nonetheless has wild cat  attitude. You will  get a playful nip and a swipe for various “offences”. Delights in attacking long hair,  dangling feet and much else. Explores all boxes, burrows, tunnels and the like a weasel.  Climbs trees  like a python. Plays like lion cubs do,  lots of fake gentle bites and claw extensions.  I love her.

6 Dec 2005

Yes,We Have No Bananas

Kenya has now been without a government for nearly two weeks, since President  Kibaki dissolved the Cabinet after his disastrous “Banana Party”  defeat in the November 21st referendum campaign.  He also suspended Parliament, whose voracious MPs will not have any helpings of pork until March, when they next meet to feast.

Meanwhile,  Kenya has not fallen apart during this period. The police catch thieves. People go to work. Taxes are paid, rents collected. The economy continues to improve drastically.  A problem in Africa as a whole, not just Kenya, is the personalization of institutions. Africa does not work properly because  instead of believing in the transcendence of institutions and process, Africans generally (as an electorate or a mass) believe in the power of politico-ethnic  personality over institutions.  This is changing, but very slowly. Has Kibaki sped it up, inadvertently?

In having no Cabinet for a fortnight, Kenyans can now plainly see that it is the rule of law, the civil service, the police, the citizens themselves, indeed the institutions  of the country, that  have caused them this laudable ability to carry on. The realization that the many  clowns, thieves and ambition freaks who would like to rule us with their personality politics  are truly secondary actors, may also begin to occur.  It’s too early to say if any of this will lead to what will really transform Kenya, or any African country, economically and in terms of social justice:   a switch from African ethnic and  personality politics to issue based political decisions and choices. However, the thought must be beginning to dawn on many.

Licking It's Cyber Wounds

The UN was luckily rebuffed from it’s recent attempt at the Tunis Information Summit to grab control of the  Internet.   Net users of the world will be hardly reassured at those pushing hardest for Koffi’s latest little money-spinner:  Zimbabwe, Syria and China.  

Have the cyber-censors given up? As we say in  Africa, a wounded hyena does not eat vegetables.  Pyjamas Media has all the latest, and shows  exactly where this nasty animal that wants to gobble up the free Net will strike next, and it’s strategies.> It's worth repeating 1000 times that the USA does not control Internet content, only the domain name system, which it alone invented.

5 Dec 2005

Anonymous Bravery

Few things are as annoying as “Anonymous”  poison-pen writers. I have one on my  blog now and he wonders where I sourced that Saddam killed 100 civilians a day in the “Useful Fools” post and what my sources were, forgetting to click the obvious coloured link next to that information.   My “Anonymous”   seems designed to parody himself perfectly, a propos the little piece by Roger Scruton  in my profile section.

He thinks I am evil and tells me so.  He/she calls me all sorts of names. “Coward” is often mentioned, but hiding behind “anonymous” is hardly brave for discourse and reply. I think he/she is wrong in her opinions, but posts anonymously, so I  can’t do much except bore my regular readers in replying to him/her here.  He, or she, feels like “everything that once made America great” is being lost due to evil people. A clear case of BDS , perhaps?  

However, what made America great is that it stood up to and dismantled  true evils like  fascism and  communism. Saddam is of course a national socialist, a pure Fascist in the way the term is meant, and not how leftists abuse it to mean whatever they don’t like. “Fascism” has entirely lost it’s true meaning and one doubts the average American could recite a single one of it’s principles. The Baa’th party is an Arab Revolutionary Socialist Party. The Nazi roots of the Baa’th party are  easily researched in any decent work of history. This blog has a  post, thanks to Prof. P.Campos of the University of Colorado on comparing Fascist and Communist principles.

Though not Islamist, the Baa’th party strongly believed that Islam made Arabs “virile” and “bloodthirsty”  and that it was the perfect religion to use for Arab racial  domination and vanguardism, which is what the Baa’th party is all about. Or is there any other reason only Sunni Arabs follow it? The temporary alliance between the Baathists and jihadis shows how well their ideologies mesh, but it's only for now. Were the US not there they would soon be blowing each other up over doctrine. The winner, in whatever form, would be something the Middle East and the world could not tolerate.   

Today’s true Fascists are the
jihadis and any allies they have, including Baa’th remnants.  I don’t see American acting any different now to how they acted in 1941-45, in principle. They are capturing or killing those Islamic terrorists who will not surrender and that's how it should be. Who said it would be pretty?   

4 Dec 2005

See,Hear & Speak No Terrorism

Africa Press Agency Release:

“Africa Press 05/12/05: The Catholic and Protestant United Council of Bishops in Kenya (CPUCBK)  recently met with the Ugandan High Commissioner  in Nairobi and   requested that  Uganda change it’s policy towards the  Christian terrorist organization Lord’s Resistance Army. Said Bishop Paul Imani for  CPUCBK: “Christians were not happy with the force used in the pursuit of terrorism suspects. Ugandan forces should not bomb places they suspect to harbour terrorists, without considering the safety of the innocent”.
  The “story” above is complete fiction, but this one from The Sunday Standard, where Muslim leaders directed an identical plea at the British High Commissioner to Kenya, Adam Wood, is accurate.  Similar protests caused Kenya to shelve an anti-terrorism bill in 2005, which never mentioned Islam whatsoever.  The Kenya government may be listening to the pro-jihadis more than their allies in the war on terror.

Elsewhere stories in the Standard’s  Dec 4th Digital Edition highlight a serious and “baffling” discord between Kenya, the US, UK and the UN over  snubbing anti-terrorism officials, dismantling anti-terrorist training courses in Kenya and an indifference verging on neglect by government Ministers to the subject. Indeed it is reported that Kenya does not consider anti-terrorism to be a  “government priority”, despite that same  terrorism nearly wrecking our tourist industry three times in seven years, killing almost 300 people and wounding 5,000 and official confirmation of the thwarting of numerous plots, seized “Stinger” missiles and more. The same edition also has an alarming story “Al Qaeda comes calling on Kenya’s doorstep” about a Somali Al-Qaeda base just across the border.

Kenya must be the only affected nation in the world, including Islamic ones, to be actually going backward in it’s international obligations, under UN resolutions, to combat terrorism in a pro-active fashion. The Standard Group of media  pay a lot more attention to this subject than the  bigger Nation Group, who could more accurately be called “Al-Nation” . It devoted acres of newsprint to killing the anti-terrorism bill. The Standard is to be congratulated, and the government put on notice that one more terrorist attack in Kenya will probably finish off  our tourism industry for good, and could cause Kenya to lose it’s status as the hub of East Africa.  And this is not a priority?

As a prominent Kenyan lawyer and immediate past  head of the Law Society of Kenya commented recently, Kenya has no law to prevent anyone talking as much as he likes on a cell phone to Osama Bin Laden, if he can find the number. We have no anti-terrorism unit, specific legislation or policy. Meanwhile, back in Somalia…………

Useful Fools

Desperate in her attempts to create a bogus "Vietnam" syndrome over Iraq, Eleanor Clift sounds like Lady HawHaw in her Newsweek piece, “Who’s Fooling Whom”.

‘The latest Marine deaths are another sign that Bush can’t keep fooling the public about the cost of staying in Iraq’, Clift leads with typical MSM disinformation. In anyone’s recollection, Bush has never spared the American public the cost, sacrifice and duration of the Iraq war or war on terror generally. Even his detractors would admit this.

The Jihadis can still win in Iraq through propaganda, war-weariness by the coalition and intimidation. Journalists like Clift seem to have no qualms in aiding this process.

It's not that Democratic party members can't figure out that Iraq and Vietnam are quite different. It's rather that the baby-boomer wing of them wants to bask in the heady deja vu of Vietnam war protests and to search for GWB rhymes to fit in with a new version of "Hey,Hey,LBJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?". Scratchings like Clift's are pure nostalgia for the quaqmire, a retro fantasy of a politically mis-spent youth. Meanwhile, Al-Qaeda has just moved in to the condo next door. Welcome to the 21st century.

Clift also writes approvingly that under Saddam, Iraq was able to “take care” of “their own security”. This is breathtaking and cruel ignorance – or slick Saddamist propaganda. Saddam took very good “care” of his security at the rate of about
100 civilians murdered a day, plus igniting two regional wars that killed over a million people. We used to have Hanoi Jane Fonda. Now we have Baghdad Eleanor Clift.

Ms. Clift sees "Gold Star" mother
Cindy Sheehan as a pivotal "turning point" of the Vietnam syndrome she would like to induce. Sheehan has been exposed in detail as a plaything of professional communist and radsoc manipulators. MSM drudges like Clift never bother with such facts. When the rantings of a moonbat who thinks the jihadis who killed her son are "freedom fighters" comes to represent American mainsteam thinking, I'll buy Ms. Clift lunch for a month.

Some of us were around in the Vietnam war. The only resemblance between it and Vietnam is that
bullets get used. Unlike Vietnam, the enemy in Iraq fully intends to attack the USA globally and internally, something that never occurred to the Viet Cong and NVA fighting for control of Vietnam. Neither did Ho Chi Minh threaten to command the world’s energy supply. Unlike the Vietnamese communists, the support for insurgency is not by giants like China or Russia but Islamists and their useful idiots in the Western pressocracy.

like Clift, will soon, thanks to the New Media, be history tomorrow……… instead of the fading headliners they are today.