11 Dec 2005


Now that the greatest producer of hot air on the planet, the  Montreal climate change conference, has concluded, some wise words from the top science editor of  the BBC Online, hardly a right wing source of media:

David Whitehouse writes in  BBC Focus :
“... for every glacier in the Alps or Greenland that shows signs of shrinking, there are others elsewhere in the world that show signs of growing… the mantra of 'global warming happening due to humanity's flagrant release of greenhouse gases' is now an established political correctness. Many  [scientists]…… realise there are significant areas of doubt but if they voice that doubt they run the risk of losing research funds. When scientists are afraid to express doubts we are all in trouble, human-made global warming or not.”

Of course here in Kenya, our MSM media repeatedly parrot the meta-story progapagated  by the environmental left of impeding disaster, all caused by Bush.  It is almost impossible to find dissent to this highly incredible “news”.

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