13 Dec 2005

"Race" Riots In Australia

The problem is not merely as the MSM spin it, one of "racism" by white Australians. The fact is Islam contains a strong superiority complex that is very akin to classic racism, in the ideas of "umma", "dar el harb", "dhimmi", “kafirand so on. These could be characterized as a kind of "socio-spiritual racism".

Indeed, given Islam’s' patriarchal bias,  ideas of male-female relations,  religious inclination to umma ‘apartheid’, and ready invocation of  retaliatory violence, the behavior of the Australian Lebanese  gangs and groups in continuously harassing and insulting non-Muslim women is par.  It is this behavior that seems to have mostly   sparked the Australian riots.  

The mix of religious and social ideas contained in mainstream Islam is simply incompatible with Western belief systems. Couple this with the exclusionary, closed world of male Islam with its innate superiority complex (the “dhimmi/kafir” idea) and you have all the elements of social combustion.

The liberal elite have a hard time understanding this, but the plainer people of Cronulla are actually going straight to the point, albeit in disgusting ways one cannot approve of.  Also what is not explained by the multi-cultural template is that there are Pacific Islanders, Orientals and others involved in the  crowds in Cronulla, and they are not being attacked by the “whites”. Indeed , according to live blogs,some seem to support the actions against Muslim males.

However these things are spun by the MSM and multi-cultis, the plain facts are that Muslim society is the one that is  mainly exclusionary, that rejects modernism, let alone post-modernism and has supremacist ideas  far deeper than the rioting white yob's tattoos on Cronulla beach.

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