5 Dec 2005

Anonymous Bravery

Few things are as annoying as “Anonymous”  poison-pen writers. I have one on my  blog now and he wonders where I sourced that Saddam killed 100 civilians a day in the “Useful Fools” post and what my sources were, forgetting to click the obvious coloured link next to that information.   My “Anonymous”   seems designed to parody himself perfectly, a propos the little piece by Roger Scruton  in my profile section.

He thinks I am evil and tells me so.  He/she calls me all sorts of names. “Coward” is often mentioned, but hiding behind “anonymous” is hardly brave for discourse and reply. I think he/she is wrong in her opinions, but posts anonymously, so I  can’t do much except bore my regular readers in replying to him/her here.  He, or she, feels like “everything that once made America great” is being lost due to evil people. A clear case of BDS , perhaps?  

However, what made America great is that it stood up to and dismantled  true evils like  fascism and  communism. Saddam is of course a national socialist, a pure Fascist in the way the term is meant, and not how leftists abuse it to mean whatever they don’t like. “Fascism” has entirely lost it’s true meaning and one doubts the average American could recite a single one of it’s principles. The Baa’th party is an Arab Revolutionary Socialist Party. The Nazi roots of the Baa’th party are  easily researched in any decent work of history. This blog has a  post, thanks to Prof. P.Campos of the University of Colorado on comparing Fascist and Communist principles.

Though not Islamist, the Baa’th party strongly believed that Islam made Arabs “virile” and “bloodthirsty”  and that it was the perfect religion to use for Arab racial  domination and vanguardism, which is what the Baa’th party is all about. Or is there any other reason only Sunni Arabs follow it? The temporary alliance between the Baathists and jihadis shows how well their ideologies mesh, but it's only for now. Were the US not there they would soon be blowing each other up over doctrine. The winner, in whatever form, would be something the Middle East and the world could not tolerate.   

Today’s true Fascists are the
jihadis and any allies they have, including Baa’th remnants.  I don’t see American acting any different now to how they acted in 1941-45, in principle. They are capturing or killing those Islamic terrorists who will not surrender and that's how it should be. Who said it would be pretty?   


Anonymous said...

Might I politely suggest that your Anonymous critics know a conservative attack dog when they see one. I'll post anonymously too, I think, and if you don't like it, it's your blog. Delete my comments or change the rules to ban them in the first place. Otherwise live with what you get.

Orwells_Ghost said...

I might suggest in turn that a post try to engage me on facts of issue, rather than just assume a "Republican attack dog" deserves the comments he gets. So far I have not been enagegd in argument, as opposed to freshman year invesctive, by any left of centre poster.

Why don't you have a go by looking at the arguments?

Anonymity is the hallmark of a mind that is afriad to debate and you prove it, so far...but you are welcome.

Orwells_Ghost said...

And by the way, sadly on blogger (this one) you can't change the rules to disallow anonymous replies...otherwise I surely would!

Orwells_Ghost said...

Having said all of that, my typing is really getting senile..sorry the mispelling!