19 Dec 2005

Bush Derangement Syndrome Expands

After the worldwide emphasis on Bush “ignoring” black people in Hurricane Katrina, it’s surprising that two of the USA’s most liberal and influential papers, who led the MSM stampede to vilify Bush as a racist, have now published contrary stories. Check The NY and LA Times revisionism here.

In fact it seems, after exhaustive research, that white people died in more numbers, proportionally, in New Orleans, than blacks.  
“Of the 380 bodies formally identified in New Orleans thus far,” the Los Angeles paper said, “a disproportionate number were white -- as measured against the city's population.”

If the maligning of GWB was not more evidence of Bush Derangement Syndrome, we could now say we have conclusive proof that Bush hates white people. Somehow we can’t see the worldwide media running very far with this startling fact.

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