29 Aug 2005


Cindy Sheehan's protest outside George W. Bush's ranch dishonours all Americans who have lost their lives in Iraq. I speak as one whose son served in the Sunni Triangle. I am not going to bleat about the anguish my son's family went through every day he was there, because he was doing what he wanted and what he faced was far worse than our worries.

Casey Sheehan volonteered to go back to Iraq after one tour of duty. He wanted to help and be with his buddies - the sort of thing the protestors in Crawford could never understand. His mother threatened to run him over with her car if he went. Hey mom, thanks for the adult treatment. "Let's see, the 'muj' are trying to kill me in Iraq and Mom wants to kill me when I get home - hows my morale today, Sarge?"

It's no wonder Casey wanted anything, including fighting jihadis a second time, to his mother's anti-American ranting . Mrs. Sheehan is a full-on moonbat. She calls the Iraqi fascists and suicide bombers "freedom fighters"! She makes anti-semitic remarks and praises Hamas! She attacks other mothers who have lost relatives and slanders them!

It is terrible Casey died, but no more terrible than any other death in a war. Cindy Sheehan (it is time to say it), is an unhinged person whose grief has taken on tones of dishonour, disgrace and affront to the memory of her son and his comrades. Her fallen son deserves a lot better.

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