15 Aug 2005


This could be the name of a comedy series except it happens to be the nearest epithet one can think of for the British MSM. The Observer delivers the following breathless report, now that 52 Britons have been killed by suicide bombing:

"The Muslim Council of Britain is officially the moderate face of Islam. Its pronouncements condemning the London bombings have been welcomed by the government as a model response for mainstream Muslims. The MCB's secretary general, Iqbal Sacranie, has recently been knighted and senior figures within the organisation have the ear of ministers.

But an Observer investigation can reveal that, far from being moderate, the Muslim Council of Britain has its origins in the extreme orthodox politics in Pakistan."

Amazing! Scoop! Brilliant! Er...............? The problem is that the Blogosphere has been pointing this out about the MCB for at least 3 years. Their numerous and well researched writings were dismissed and attacked as "Islamophobic". It has taken many dead for the MSM to admit what the blogs knew ages ago. Sir Iqbal Scranie of the MCB is a fraud fronting for fundamentalism.

To the amazement of the average brain dead Brit media consumer fed on MSM lies and distortions, the following must also be stunning news:

"The strain of Islamic ideology favoured by the MCB leadership and many of its affiliate organisations is inspired by Maulana Maududi....(himself) ........influenced by Sayyid Qutb, usually credited as the founding father of modern Islamic radicalism and one of the inspirations for al-Qaeda.

In Maududi's worldview all humanity was split into believers (practising Muslims) and non-believers, whom he describes as 'barbarians'."

Stunning for whom? The fact that the leftist Guardian even publishes this article from it's sister Observer is certainly a sign . Yet it's boring and stale news to the many blogs who have been frantically trying to get the message over the internet for years.

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MCB Watch said...

Don't knock the MSM too hard --- finally, finally they're picking up on the major problems with the MCB, specifically its failure to live up to its "moderate" credentials. We need more media coverage and investigation ...