15 Oct 2006

Unnatural Adoptions

Although there are thousands of genuine families who adopt and raise African children in the West, the sad story of Madonna's disgusting power-adoption of a young Malawian boy is about as stomach-churning a story as one can get.

Madonna could have spent equivalent money on funding thousands of AIDS orphans through infancy and primary school for the same cost as her celebrity adoption. However, that would not have brought her headlines and publicity. The poor Malawian boy will also be exposed to the weird lifestyles of Hollywood and pop stars. Surely life in Malawi is far less cruel ? No wonder his father looks so glum.

Sometimes the leftist "entertainagensia's" actions towards Africa are shameful. Malawaians and Africans generally should stop this child-theft by weirdo showbiz types and insist instead Madonna and her ilk spend money on NGO child projects.


Anonymous said...

So now we are going to "insist" on what
other people spend their money on....

Thats GREAT!!!

Orwells_Ghost said...

Yes, it is right to ensure that superweathy celebrities donate money broadly to assist many African children, rather than shamelessly use their power and wealth, plus their publicity agents, to bypass proper adoption procedures...or did you not bother to read the link to the full story from Malawi?

What do these celebs think, African children are fashion accessories or what?


Anonymous said...

It is shamefull that so many people are condeming celebrities who find the kindness in their heart to save a child from a life a hell!!! It would be far worse for these celebrities to travel to the war and aids striken countries and not leave with a child. For all of you out there who have lived a privleged and comfortable life in the US, SHUT UP!!!!!

Cherokee Rose said...

I wondered why Madonna chose this child over a 'genuine orphan' at this orphanage in Malawi. My simple suspicion is being confirmed as more details are coming to light. Madonna was submitted a shortlist of 12 one-year-old boys suitable for adoption (baby David was not on the list), and she passed over all on the list, including seven 'genuine' orphans. Lucy Chipeta, exec. dir. of Home for Hope recalls that Madonna's crew were attracted to baby David and started taking pictures. When Madonna saw the pictures, she started making inquiries about baby David. Madonna obviously had no interest and certainly no commitment to adopt a 'genuine' orphan. Madonna has a history of getting what she wants if at all possible, and this is yet another example of her imposing her will to achieve her selfish, self-centered desires. I was a 20+ year fan of Madonna's, overlooking, even pitying at times, her monumental ego. The fake English accent (before Guy Ritchie) was pushing it, but she's gone too far with her decision to adopt baby David. She's lost many fans in this familiar disgusting display, despite having become a Mother years ago, of "what Madonna wants Madonna gets." That is if she can buy it, even if it's a human being. That kind of behavior is desperate and pitiful, yet totally unacceptable, and I hope she's not allowed to adopt this baby. If she cared about "saving" or truly helping a child, she would choose a 'genuine orphan' and help baby David's family. His Mother died, but he still has a family, which doesn't seem to bother Madonna one bit. Just what I expected from her.