19 Oct 2006

Unnatural Adoptions (Part 2)

Typical of comments which do not support my post on the Maddona adoption is an anonymous one:
It is shameful that so many people (i.e Rightspeak) are condeming celebrities who find the kindness in their heart to save a child from a life a hell!!! It would be far worse for these celebrities to travel to the war and aids striken countries and not leave with a child."
This adoption bypassed Malawi laws, as the link in my post highlights, and brought much protest from Malawi adoption agencies and authorities. The father felt "powerless" to stop the adoption by someone so "rich and famous".

Here is my point - that celebrities spending great sums of money to arrange these adoptions (which also bring huge publicity to themselves) could as easily helped many hundreds of similar children by donating money to institutions and charities in Africa, rather than "power-adopting" a single child.

It seems many are ignorant of the fact that that most celebrities do nearly everything for publicity and career boosts. It's all part of a carefully choreographed "media process".

There are celebs and rich people who adopt children, or who even better donate to help Africans, like this boy`s father, take care of their own children and orphans. Some of them never seek any publicity for it and go through the normal channels of adoption. Madonna is not in that category, and which African would like a child to be brought up by someone who is, in African cultural terms, blasphemous and sexually weird? African children are not commodities to be bought for PR reasons.

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