2 Mar 2005


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This is Orwells_Ghost with Daniel. He's a Loita Maasai I met on my Febuary 05 walking safari. To my amazement he turned out to be a guide on Robert Vavra's 1980's expedition to the Loitas, one I recommended to him and which features in his book, The Unicorns of Kilimanjaro. The walkers were (as I had warned) attacked by a large cape buffalo and one of Robert's American assistants was gravely wounded as the buffalo knocked him flat, then stood over him proceeded to pound his back with it's huge horn boss.

Robert and the other two Maasai porters had fled up trees, but Vavra threw his jacket down to distract the bull. It worked, and Daniel, who stayed on the ground, put a spear into the buffalo, followed by 2 more and killed it. The assistant took weeks to recover in hospital from cracked bones.

Daniel knows all the old time hunters, it was a pleasure to meet such a brave man from the old days in Africa, their numbers are dwindling fast. At the same time I got news my father's old hunting tracker, Kinashora, passed away near Entesegera recently - Daniel knew him too.

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