3 Mar 2005


Another weird legal decision (U.K. Court of Appeal), this over the right of a Muslim girl to wear a full jilbab ( a head to toe garment) at school. The school was mostly Muslim and allowed the Muslim headscarf, integrated into a uniform. Muslim scholars testified the headscarf alone was fully "Islamic". Not enough for the voiciferous little Islamic-radical wannbee, one Miss Shabina Begum, aged 15.

Said she was a victim of what she called "a general vilification of Islam since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States". No word of course for the true casualties of that Islamic mad-moment. Yet, as we know, when Muslims bleat, the multiculti sheep will surely follow.

So now you can attend school in a nun's outfit, a satanical dress with horns ('Satanism' is a recognised 'religion' in British legal practise), a Bhuddist robe, Druid outfit and so on, presumably as long as these "manifest your religion"? The whole idea of school uniforms is uniformity and equality, not arrogent exceptionalism.

Who led the legal team for Shabina the Jihadista? Cherie Blair QC, wife of the Prime Minister. There are lemmings and then there is the sea. One sees sometimes a moth and often a candle. Then there is the British neo-left establishment.

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