19 Mar 2005


The response of the world's oldest socialist buffoon, Fidel Castro, to being named among the 2005 world's richest men has been to threaten to sue Forbes magazine for listing him. The absurdity of a communist leader who supposedly owns nothing using expensive lawyers to sue for millions of dollars speaks for itself. Forbes is quite right. Castro and his gang of political criminals a.k.a. the Cuban Communist Party control all wealth in Cuba and the people have none. While Cubans stand in queues sucking pebbles as they wait for food rations, and waiters beg you for spare asprins in this land of the supposed 'world's best medical system', Castro is the darling mascot of the world's left and chatterati classes. Well, they liked Saddam too.

Here at home, fellow tyrant Robert Mugabe has got his kangaroo High Court to disbar 3.4 million Zimbabweans abroad from voting in the 2005 general election. Uncle Bob is well known as a democrat of note and (dis)enfranchisement is something he understands. This represents about one fifth ( or even a quarter) of Zimbabwe's population. They have fled his 're-distribution' of land, the starvation and his thugs in the ZANU party he heads. Every Zimbabwean exile would vote against Mugabe. The ruling by his legal minions ensures the mad Marxist will continue his ruination of Zimbabwe for another 5 years.