23 Jul 2010

You Can Make This Stuff Up

Every herd of a "listserv"?  It's a form of  secret  e-mail exchange club.. You have to be invited and get a password to participate.  It was known a listerserv  existed called "Journolist", of some 300 to 400  top journalists from Time, The Guardian, CNN, The New Republic,  other papers and TV stations, Human Rights Watch , influential blogs, professors and NGOs.

An enterprising blog, the Daily Caller, managed to crack the Journolist codes and get access to archives of thousands of backdated emails. The results are  explosive, but do not expect to be seeing them on your big media or TV screen very soon since so far they show:

  •  Hundreds of the top names on journalism with some academics and NGO types collaborated to  act  cheerleaders for the Obama election  2008, spinning  positive stories about Obama and negative ones about his opponents.
  • This included trying to bury the Rev Wright and his  Obama connection and instead fabricate Republican racism. In the words of one famous journalist  they should  pick a top Republican, "any will do"(!), and accuse him of racism to divert attention from Wright.
  • Top journalists discussed how to get the government to simply ban or refuse to renew the licences of conservative news outlets like Fox whilst making very ironic noises and complaints about "fascism".
  •  Journos were stymied as to how they could smear Sarah Palin's lack of experience without showing  up that Obama clearly had no more experience than her. So instead.....
  • Discussed ways the media could destroy her image as an appealing, dynamic woman who might attract feminists.
And we are only on Day 3 of the Daily Caller revelations. Journalists are entitled to their opinions. Still, this proof of a big  leftist push to co-ordinate huge sections of the US media  is surely very similar to the tactics of Goebells. It shows why anyone who still  uses only mainstream or leftist media as his or her information source really is  a dupe...or a dope.

Conservatives have claimed for years there exists a bias in the big media and Journolist could not have handed them a smokier  gun.

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