7 Jul 2010

Arizona Madness

Today Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General, announced the Federal government was suing Arizona over it's controversial illegal immigrant law. Arizona's law demands all aliens carry identification papers - exactly the same as Federal law - only Holder won't enforce it.

Holder thinks Arizona's law would "divert resources away from fighting terrorism"- like in bring Khalid Sheik Mohammed to trial in New York and repeatedly testifying to Congress that Islam had nothing to do with our 3 terrorists attacks in a year? The same Holder who allowed Mexico to join a lawsuit against Arizona - a foreign state suing an American state, in America.

When this case gets aired the public learns that Arizona law has scrupulously followed Federal law and is even midler! This administration is a dreadful farce, "illegal-centric", "enemy-centric" and "socialism-centric".

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Retardo said...

The American public, for the most part, will never know what's actually in the Arizona law. They won't hear it from the journalists they read or listen to, because those journalists don't know what's in it themselves. All they know is that the Democratic Party is against it, so it must be bad. And that's all they tell their readers and viewers.

Us evil righties may know better, but, even with the success of Fox News, there just aren't enough of us. And Fox, while very often ideologically less objectionable than their competitors, is slipshod, cheap, and emotionally incontinent. I can't stand to watch them even when I agree.

I won't be surprised if Obama is re-elected in 2012.