12 Jan 2006

War Photo of 2005

A U.S.  soldier  hugs and talks to a dying  Iraqi girl, aged 3, one of many  Iraqi children  blown to bits by a   suicide bomber when they surrounded a US Humvee that was distributing sweets and toys.

The soldier is also running to try and reach U.S. medics who could better help the girl than the nearby Iraqi hospital, but she died in his arms. The US soldiers were incensed and kept saying, “Why did he wait till we were with the the kids? Why did he not just target us when we drove away?”

Which brings me to my  one of my New Year Resolutions for 2006.  I  was born just after World War 2.  Some of my earliest memories were looking  at the pictures of Dad’s huge ‘Colliers’ World War II picture book that my family had – a war he participated in. I remember how obvious it was to me that the Nazis, with their death’s head  cap badges, their sinister  emblems, their uncanny knack for the haut couture and pagentry of fear and force were people of  plain and pure evil. Any small child could notice that, long before he could read the captions of what those fascists actually did.

The same pictures of the black hooded jihadis, with  their Arabic scrawlings of death wishes on their scarves , their bombings and beheadings, evoke in me now towards the end of my life the same recognition of looking at pure evil, at an articulated love of death. In 2006 I will continue to fight them with my feeble pen and failing wit and do that way the little I can, to hasten the defeat of  Islamic fascists. I hope to continue to pour scorn, ridicule  and venom on the dupes and allies they have among the so-called “progressives” of the world and if my words hurt either of these  groups in 2006,  all the better.

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