19 Jan 2006

The Regressives

Andrew West is one of the more thoughtful journalists on the left. He is willing to look at the downside of leftism with candor, if not yet with courage.

He writes, regarding left attitudes to Christians, in the Australian Herald:
"Even worse, progressives and their militantly secular allies in the media, have been extremely patronising toward evangelicals -- indeed, toward most people of faith."
How wrong he is.

He cannot mean  towards the most authoritarian, anti-secular, theocratic, woman-dominating, homophobic, agressive and anti-Western religion commonly known: Political Islam.

Militant Islam has only to bleat, and all the progressive sheep follow. The only religion(s) the multi-cultis despise and condescend regarding are naturally those in the moderate Western mainstream - which includes evangelical Christians for the most part.

My blog is continually bombarded by smug "progressives" trying to point out that evangelicals or Christians generally are "just the same is Wah'aabi Muslims".  Despite there being absolutely no scriptural basis in the Gospels for   forcing conversion on people of other faiths, we are routinely told  the Gospels are basically the same as the Koran, which has an entire full  ideology of war making,  “submission”, infidel tax, dhimmi (apartheid) status and much else.

I grant that perhaps 400 years ago there was less to choose between these two religious systems in their militancy, scriptural sanction or not, but Christianity has moved on. Islam has not - nor are the "progressives" pushing it.

Meanwhile the "progressives" continue trying to wreck the  spiritual/philosophical foundations of the Western mainstream...oblivious to the fact that more Western "progressives" are converting to Islam (even in Australia, I will bet) than Muslims anywhere are convinced to join the "progressive" ship.

The progressives not only lose out on the birthrate in this matter, but the brain-conversion rate too.

For their collusion in wounding and weakening the most dynamically moderate society the world  has seen,  Western "progressives" would be better called the "regressives". Churchill foresaw the Iron Curtain - but they are blind to the Iron Crescent.

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