21 Oct 2004


There has been one good thing this week at least, the passing of Jaques Derrida, yet another of the dire French philospohers of the past century. Wheras the excerable Paul Satre was responsible for an entire generation of existentialist angst and quasi-Marxist rapture ( not for nothing were the Khymer Rouge called "Satre's Children"), the wretched Derrida managed to outdo even Satre.

Derrida is the father of such gems of philosophy as post-modernism and "de-construction", whereby everything anyone ever believed in, anywhere, at any time, has been held up for ridicule and proved to not exist. Moral relativism and even nihilism seem like friendly armchairs compared to the vacuous gobbledegook that Derrida conceived.

Derrida's ideas and those of his followers in most Western universities comprise the greatest feat of intellectual masturbation since the evolution of the brain cell.

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