6 Nov 2010

Obama Teabagged

Kenyans awoke on November 3rd  and disbelieved their eyes. The party of their hero, Barack Obama, has suffered a huge defeat in  the 2011 "mid term" elections. The Democrats that Obama heads have been be humiliated by Republicans. Incumbents have been thrown out like trash by angry voters.  Obama's presidency, begun so brightly and with so much hope just two years ago  has been checked f not wrecked.

One thing won't change - the woeful job of most  Kenya media  in explaining this to their readers and listeners. Many will echo  the  politically disastrous theme of the  Democrats that many in the local media openly admire, as do the pre-internet big  media  in the USA.  The 'Party Line' goes like this.

“The American electorate are ignorant, reactionary, angry and fearful, unable to appreciate the wonders of Obama and his Washington elite and are deeply tinged with racism and bigotry.”

This was the Democratic message since 2009 and the local media have dutifully acted the parrot.  That "message" has infuriated American voters and made them vote Republican even when they are not members of the party.

Consider racism: the Democrats 2010 had  26  black Congressmen and25 stand in black majority districts where their re-election against whites is guaranteed. The Republicans have just 6 black candidates. Yet all are stood against whites in white-majority districts.  Just who is  the “race vote” here is not obvious.

Or Florida  senatorial candidate Marco Rubio, a Republican Hispanic, trouncing white incumbent Charlie Christ.  And if Obama was elected by whites a in 2008, just how did the non-racists then become racists now? Using racism as a template to describe Obama's debacle is delusionary.

How about ignorance? The day won't pass without some Karaja or Onyango in USA penning a letter to the media or blogging  on  how ignorant, narrow minded and so on Americans really are. If only they were clever and worldly wise like Obama and his  cabinet, or like Europeans, they would elect the Democrats forever!

Naturally, these insults to the American people by their own and foreign elites have gone down as well as  someone conducting an election campaign in rural Kenya areas and all he could do was tell the wanainchi that they were too stupid to act like Germans or Japanese.

Perhaps it's ingratitude? Americans are too blind  to realize the excellence of Obama's healthcare act and  his huge deficit spending to increase the size of government, so it is said.  Yet, traditionally since 1776, Americans have, unlike Europeans and Africans, not wanted their government to  grow too big, powerful and expensive.

They now feel the national debt and spending are wrecking their future. Voters elected Obama to change that, not to add to 'Big Government' and high taxes -and  they feel betrayed.

Kenyans who are themselves poften wrapped up in ethnic politics that are  driven solely by personalities and tribal loyalties ( as serious a problem as racism)  need to know that in the USA, people are judging Obama on the failed economy above all. This he has not changed except for his party “eating” better.

Democratic policies  of  huge spending and increasing the size of government have stuck the deepest nerve in a freedom-loving people who value self-reliance and capitalist hard work.

There was a "Tea Party" in Boston in 1773 to kick-start  the Revolutionary War against British colonialism. The issue then was the same as the Tea Party Movement that has helped doom the Democrats in 2010. Americans  like to cut government  down to size every now and then. Obama and his party are firmly in their sights.  Unless he changes radically and fast, it will be "Bye Bye Barry" when Obama stands for re-election in 2012.

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