8 May 2008

Roosting Chicken Pie

Therewith a hastily published note from Rightspeak in todays N.Y. Times comments section. This is in regard to the uproar that's breaking in the blogs about Clinton's new remarks that she has the majority support "among the hard working voters of America, the white voters" and a furious bust up live between two MSN hacks (Brazile and Begala) who comment for the Democrat's softball network, CNN:

I love all this. If any party has built 4 decades of power grabs and policies around low grade identity politics, it’s the Democrats. The Democrats have tried to divide Americans into an eternally splitting series of groups, each of whom “are what we say we are” and no more questions please. Feminists, hispanics, blacks, native Americans, immigrants, gays,straights, trans-gendered and so on.

Now it’s all coming home to roost as if the Rev Wright was not enough. Please give the Republicans some credit. You were told the Clinton’s were a pair of political lizards 15 or more years ago. How you cheered them on breathlessly. Your own identity politics, the cheapest route to power, has come back to bite you hard and I’m opening another beer!

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