22 Feb 2006

Torquemada In A Turban

Post war children grew up listening to the stories of the appeasement of Europe towards fascism in the 1930's. Never could we experience how free thinking people then really felt, as they saw the dark clouds gathering. Now we can, thanks to religious fanatics who use Islam's name.

We also never really appreciated the vile pandering to fascism, in between bouts of dubious indignation, that many the Western left indulged in then, ending infamously in the 1939 The Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact. But now we can, seeing the contemporary left dance their grotesque piroutte with forces utterly destructive to everything we hold progressive. Do these useful idiots not know that radical Islam detests them the most? That they will be the first to feel the reality of creeping sharia?

"God Bless America" is a phrase they readily sneer at. "God Bless Hitler", carried by a Muslim, they cannot comment on. As a German newspaper wrote, "We can't really know what this sign is means". Indeed, Homo Occidentalis seems to have lost all ability to think when confronted with Torquemada in a turban.

Let us for a minute imagine a meeting of minds with the Mullahs. Let us, together with our witless MSM media, push with them the point that what has really offended Muslims is "images" of Mohammed, which are supposedly "forbidden" and especially derogatory ones. Let us propose a truce. The West will no longer publish any images of Mohammed - even flattering ones as Shias often do. Instead, we will vigorously, in every media, attack, criticise, evaluate, question and deny (if we wish to) his role as a prophet, a passage to God or even as a holy man, in the spirit of open religious discourse. Now ask yoursef, what will be the reaction of the Mullahs? We all know this answer.

After hundreds of years of enlightenment,science and liberalism, the West now stands apparently on the brink of negating the very fibre of it's free civilization, to return us to a dark age when bad religion, the more intolerant and ignorant the more effective, will rule our lives again, like an Islamic Inquisition. We sleep-walk to our doom,led by our Chamberlainesque elites. For "Peace In Our Time", think "Religious Peace In Our Time"...... and keep on walking.


Anonymous said...

Oops! The href="" in the link to "Chamberlainesque" is missing the "http://" on the front.

Love the blog, btw. Just wish you'd write more.

Orwells_Ghost said...

Thanks a lot for your kind words...if only my commentators were not always "anonymous'!

I have fixed the two links (Shia images of Mo' and Chamberlain).

I'd love to write more and hopefully well..hereb in Africa my internet connections are very often slow and frustrating.