16 Apr 2005


Good news just in from the EU according to CNN. The dangerous Franco-German push to sell arms to China has been vetoed by EU nations concerned about China's human rights and Taiwan record, and not a moment too soon. The French have been pushing their bizarre vision of a "tri-polar" world of antagonistic powers, namely Europe, America and China, as part of their whacko campaign to "contain" the USA. Not only are there surreal echos of Orwell's nightmare powerblocks in his "1984", but the idea European nations should suck up to China when they have zero strategic interests in the Pacific, and when the USA is the premier Pacific power protecting Taiwan, the Phillipines, Australia, South Korea and Japan, could only come from Outer Moonbatia, or Gallic fantasies. According to German FM Joschka Fischer, the idea is stalled.

We won't even get into the so-called contradictions of the "vision" of Chirac : that arming a dictatorship whose idea of social progress is barely above that of a termitarium, so that it can better oppose the world's leading democractic power, is somehow good for the world.

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