12 Feb 2005


In an article about "Professor" Ward Churchill, AP casually informs us that in comparing 911 victims to "little Eichmanns", Churchill was referring to someone who "ensured the smooth running of the Nazi system".

Eichmann the efficient train conductor, last stop Auschwitz? Assurer of a Nazi system that ran smoothly on tallow from rendered Jews? The smooth operator who managed to implement the PR of the "Final Solution"?

Why are they unable to say Eichmann oversaw the "murder of millions of innocent civilians.", for example? That would make Ward Churchill look real bad, as opposed to the write-up which must have everyone wondering what the fuss is about.

The Ward Churchill affair is underestimated. It is a sign that leftist academia is under seige from the majority of centre-right thinking people in the US. Further that a major shift may be coming. This could force the controllers of univerity discourse into a massive rethink of their lack of intellectual diversity.

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