16 Mar 2010

It's About Costs, Read Their Lips.

kenmal says in todays Financial Times: "I just cannot understand why the US, supposedly the most civilzed nation in the world, cannot seem to get its head around the need for healthcare for all, regardless of means" but Obamacare is indeed regardless of means, the means to pay for it and the American people know it.

Rather than question their "morality", kenmal should have acknowledged their basic good sense.

Republicans and businessmen have offered many incremental cost solutions, including malpractise tort reform ( perhaps saving 15% of cost), opening up insurance to nationwide competition (currently restricted), consumer access to cost/result information for medical conditions (almost as unobtainable as kryptonite, yet every consumer knows 100 costs and benefits when buying a car or a TV set) and immediate help ( not years away as in Obamacare) for the truly indigent and unable to afford insurance.

kenmal should understand that the American people reject Obamacare as they see it for what it is: an attempt to grow Big Government and entitled Dmnocratic majorities. This is why Obama has zero interest in adopting any truly cost-cutting ideas.

Are Europeans more moral when for example in Britain horror stories from the NHS pile up daily? It's not about morality, it's the cost. Read the people's lips